The Two-Party System is Broken, But You Can Do Something About It!
Vote On December 19th!!!
We all know the current two-party system does not work (one group yells at the other, and vice versa). Nothing is accomplished by dedicating your day to resisting any move the other group makes. Yet this is the position we find ourselves in during the current political climate. We cannot expect to continue voting in Republicans and Democrats hoping that they will solve the problem they’ve created. What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results. So…
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Vote for Bryan Zemina (, Libertarian. As a Libertarian, Zemina knows the system does not work and knows that outside the box thinking is needed. He knows that he can reach across the aisle and work with both sides to actually accomplish tasks within office. He knows that what Floridians really want is a government that stays out of their business, their lives, and taxes them less and spends less. We deserve a government led by the people, not led by special interests and big money behind the scenes.

Unfortunately, this is a tight race. However, this is a race that can be won. With your support (get out and vote on December 19th, Tuesday!), we can make a change and a difference. We can have this victory echo across the nation as a snub against our current nasty political climate. We can start a movement that says Enough is Enough! Let’s make this happen!!!

As a mechanical engineer, Zemina will be able to critically think about issues and how best to solve them, something the current officials seem unwilling or unable to do. He will push to allow access to medicinal marijuana (which we have already voted yes for!) and will push for additional increased personal freedoms. It’s time to stop living in the dark ages and embrace that we are all different, yet we can all live together. Zemina gets it and you get it. Let’s tell Tallahassee that we are through with the games!

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Vote this upcoming Tuesday, December 19th.

It’s time to change our history!
Political advertisement paid for and approved by Bryan Zemina, Libertarian Party of Florida for State Representative of District 58.
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